Our Story

It all began with Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit, the trainer who purposely gained 60+ lbs to empathize with his clients as he lost weight with them (twice!). It was an inspiring journey that gave him a unique firsthand perspective on the struggles people face when trying to lose weight. This has led him to find new ways to help his clients overcome the things that have held them back.

Drew understood the amazing health benefits of a keto lifestyle but recognized that many struggled to maintain it. He could see that it was hard to keep up with meal prepping and easy to get bored of the same old meals. Wanting to make healthy living accessible to everyone, Drew created a keto meal delivery service that would be delicious, nourishing, and convenient.

F2meals is a weekly subscription that delivers fresh keto meals anywhere in the 48 lower states. The best part: the meals are ready to eat in less than three minutes. F2meals’s weekly rotating menu always has a large variety of mouthwatering options to choose from. Plus, you can trust that you are eating restaurant quality food that’s locally sourced and never frozen. 


32.7 lbs

Average weight loss by my clients in the Back2Fit program

250,000 lbs

Pounds lost by clients in the Back2Fit program


Clients say this was the most effective program they have ever done!

Our Mission

We believe that a healthy, keto lifestyle should be accessible to all. Everyone deserves the benefits of eating well! It leaves us with more energy to do the things that we enjoy and care for those we love. F2meals is here for you, so we hope that you make the most of our convenient, delicious keto meals and the time that you save with us.