Brand Partners

We’re more than a meal delivery service. We care about how our customers feel—the satisfaction of a delicious meal, the pleasure of having more time, and the energy that comes from ketosis and wholesome ingredients. If you care about that too, then you should consider joining the F2meals family as a brand partner.

Where You Start

  • 10% commission on recurring orders
  • 10% off shareable discount code
  • 10% off personal discount code

What You Can Earn

  • 50+ Conversions: 12% commission, 15% off your meal subscription
  • 100+ Conversions: 15% commission, 20% off your meal subscription
  • 200+ conversions: 20% commission, 25% off your meal subscription
  • *Conversions = boxes of meals sold with your discount code*

If you have any questions, reach out to us at or (385) 342-5088. Otherwise, sign up now!